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Our Company in the Live Broadcast of the Total Solar Eclipes
Publish:admin addtime:2009-11-19 16:50:52


July 22, 2009, Chongqing Wu-Tai Technology Development Co., Ltd. to assist the National Academy of Sciences National Astronomical Observatory of the three official live points - a major hogye campus held a total solar eclipse live with the full multi-way set-associative observing total solar eclipse event. During the live event, Chongqing Wu Tai  Technology Development Co., Ltd. provides a total solar eclipse live image acquisition equipment - Wu Taiwan TM3001 electronic eyepiece and digital image output, technical support, in order to be able to successfully achieve this network, television and other media provide a full solar eclipse live, like the mining equipment and strong technical support to ensure the smooth transmission of this event.

  With the advent of 8:07, live pictures clearly showing solar eclipse images of the early losses, while the rest of the broadcast at this time point affected by the weather and the early loss of time delay, can not be adopted early sowing loss of the screen. Therefore, in this the world’s best point total solar eclipse live, one of Chongqing station to Wu Taiwan TM3001 eyepiece collection of electronic images of total solar eclipse in early losses, the earliest to the nation and the world to conduct real-time broadcast. Followed by drinking either, food is very, raw light and the whole process of re-Yuan Wu Taiwan TM3001 through electronic eyepiece for image capture, in order to provide a full global media uninterrupted, clear, valuable images of total solar eclipse.
  If the site could be affected by weather  we could not be able to observe through the network .However,it doesn’t happen.People to watch the total solar eclipse that we transfer  share with us the total solar eclipse which brings to our shock and surprise. In the live broadcast at the same time, Chongqing University, leaders of my company provided during the total solar eclipse live broadcast equipment and technical support given full recognition and appreciation of my company also said that he was honored to be able to participate in this whole process the total solar eclipse live . (Here are the pictures)



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